Mark Jennett
trainer • consultant • writer

Promoting Equality

Promoting equality, diversity and wellbeing is the key to everything

from making sure everyone feels safe, included and ready to learn in schools
to recruiting and retaining staff and developing customer relationships in business.

I have been providing support around equalities, emotional wellbeing and mental health to the education and private sectors for 20 years.

My specialisms include advancing equality and eliminating discrimination in school and workplace environments, promoting good mental health for children and adults, effective anti-bullying practice and developing inclusive curricula and public service provision.

I work in all areas of inclusion, specialising in gender and sexualities equality. As well as offering training and consultancy, I have written widely and produced resources for many organisations.

Schools & Education

Support and Continuing Professional Development for nurseries, schools, colleges and other educational settings.

Advancing equality, promoting mental health, raising achievement & eliminating bullying

curriculums that promote equality and advance inclusion in order to raise achievement, improve mental health, eliminate bullying and develop an effective whole school ethos. In particular, I specialise in work around sexual orientation and gender.

Flexible training

Depending on your needs and resources, I can offer all-staff training, small group facilitation or one to one consultancy. I also work with children and young people, supporting them to develop their own responses to homophobic, biphobic, transphobic and sexist language and bullying.

A range of support

  • Improving pupil and staff wellbeing and mental health.
  • Integrating work on equalities across the curriculum.
  • Advice on curriculum planning and lesson ideas and, in particular, using literature as a vehicle for challenging discrimination, advancing equality and eliminating bullying.
  • Inclusive PSHEE and RSHE.
  • Developing effective approaches to addressing discriminatory language and bullying.
  • Engaging young people in strategies for promoting equality and challenging bullying.
  • Activities to support the development of empathy and tolerance.
  • Training on requirements in relation to the Public Sector Equality Duty and School Inspection Frameworks.
  • Lectures, presentations and group facilitation in institutions providing Initial Teacher Training.

Business & Public Sector

By maintaining excellent equalities practice, employers can ensure that they get the most from their workforce, find it easier to retain talent and build stronger relationships with customers.
Managers and staff should be aware of legal requirements around equality and diversity and, more importantly, they need to know how to apply them effectively in the workplace.


I offer interactive workshops and presentations for managers and staff as well as policy development and other support in relation to developing inclusive workplaces and supporting employers to advance equality and eliminate discrimination and bias and provide services that address the needs of all customers.


Sessions are individually designed and employ a range of approaches including:
  • Presentations
  • Interactive activities such as quizzes and games
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Scenarios and case studies tailored to the participants’ own workplace.


I work with managers and in-house HR and training teams to ensure that sessions are directly relevant to the staff involved and help them to understand the practical benefits for all of effective equalities practice in the workplace.

All training – whether a single session or full, in-house programme – is tailored to the specific needs of your business. I can deliver everything from a one-off input on the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty to an all-staff training programme.

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